If you are like most of the 35 million individuals in America with hearing impairment, your current degree of impairment is the result of a gradual loss of your hearing. On average, most people who experience some of the most common signs of hearing loss wait at least five years before seeking medical intervention for their condition.

A problem that can prevent you from getting the medical attention you need for your disability right away can be a decline in your ability to listen to the world around you. If you feel that you or a loved one is interfering with your ability to enjoy the sounds around you, you can seek effective treatment at a comprehensive Atlanta hearing center.

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Modern hearing aids are just one of the benefits you can get from treatment at this center. Clinical studies have shown that properly fitted hearing aids can significantly improve a user’s hearing.

If you wait too long to get the treatment you need for your hearing loss, you may experience the following problems:

  • Auditory Deprivation – This term is related to a reduction of speech understanding that may result from hearing impairment. This means that when a person experiences a loss in their ability to hear, it starves the brains’ auditory centers of acoustic information.
  • Emotional & Social Impact -Studies indicated that patients that experience untreated hearing impairment suffer a greater degree of social isolation and depression compared to individuals who are of the same age wear hearing devices.
  • Economic Impact-Research has indicated that patients with hearing impairment that opt to not wear a hearing device earn less money than individuals who do. There are many professionals where it is imperative that an individual hear well and failure to get the help you need to address your condition may result in a job loss or missed work opportunities.

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